VOXPO offers a unique and potentially risk-free opportunity for business events worldwide to host significant virtual and hybrid events.

Virtual Trade Show

Bringing your physical shows to the consumers in the virtual world. Gaining qualified leads and generating interest in your products whilst engaging with consumers whilst live on the platform.

Virtual Job Fair

Expanding your recruitment into the virtual world. Giving recruiters opportunities to meet and interview qualified job-seekers, including virtual jobs boards and much more.

Virtual Conference

Modernise your live events into realistic online experiences, with live speakers, webinars and much more.

Virtual Housing Fair

Showcase a variety of houses, apartments and properties in our professional virtual platform, engaging a wider audience from near and far.

Virtual Product Launch

Launch your latest products to customers on our exciting virtual product platform, giving customers a VIP experience and keeping them engaged and invested.

Virtual Open Day

Use our online platform to create a space where students and parents can view and share information about your programs, campus, admission processes and much more.

Virtual Networking Events

Bring your networking events to an exciting platform, where you can continue your pitches, collect valuable contacts and create new business connections.

Virtual Education Days

Engaging students and parents with universities with an opportunity to meet the professors and gather all the information required including admissions. 

Virtual Award Ceremonies


We’re experienced!
 VOXPO can design, create and sell a virtual platform to any business event organisers. However, VOXPO has some unique USP’s.

Revenue Share

Unique within the Virtual Event industry, VOXPO offer a revenue-share agreement which allows business event organisers to host their event with VOXPO at no up-front cost with the revenue

Sales Team

VOXPO employ their own dedicated sales team to aid with the revenue share process. The sales team has extensive experience in exhibitions globally and has travelled and work at exhibitions in the UK, Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.

Marketing Team

If you require any assistance marketing your event then VOXPO have a team of experienced marketers ranging from SEO specialists, Social Media Marketing experts and content marketers.

Editorial Team

With any content required VOXPO have both editors and journalists available with years of extensive experience across various industries.

Accounts Team

If you require any assistance with the myriad of financial aspects of organising a business event then VOXPO have an experienced accounts team who can help you every step of the journey.