With other online events the technical capabilities for registered users and exhibitors are quite limited. At VOXPO visitors, speakers and exhibitors have every opportunity to engage. You can start a conversation in real time via our live Q&A sessions in the auditorium, our live chat functionality on booths and in our LinkedIn integrated lounge for networking. And on the days, we don’t have a live event running, the platform will still be fully accessible for both B2B and B2C attendees.

The beauty about an online virtual expo is that there are (virtually!) no limits to the benefits. VOXPO is a B2B and B2C event, offering consumers an insight into the worlds of businesses that they will not get anywhere else this year, due to the cancellation of physical events caused by the coronavirus. Businesses can make up for time lost over the past few months by reconnecting with contacts and making new connections, closing deals and marketing new opportunities to people around the world, all from the base of a single office desk or work-from-home set up. Education plays a key role at VOXPO, so advocates, experts and enthusiasts are also lined up to participate.

You will need to register by following the link within your chosen event and entering your information. Then you’ll receive an email confirming your registration for the event.

We have 100+ exhibitors confirmed, with the biggest names across various businesses sectors. We’re adding to our exhibitors list every day and we are delighted to also have great media and education partners on board too! Click the exhibition you are interested and see the businesses that are on board.

Exhibitors must set up their own virtual booth. The steps to complete your booth will be outlined to you in an exhibitor pack, which will be circulated about a month before the first live event. You can then optimise your virtual space with interactive features such as videos, presentations, infographics, data, price lists and certifications, which visitors to your virtual space may view or download. Chat with potential clients, run promotions, competitions and more. Link it all back to your home base if you want to, like to your site or socials. But don’t worry, we are always here to help with this.

We have small, medium and large booths available in the exhibition halls for a fraction of the price of exhibiting at a physical expo. You can also forget about the travel / accommodation and staffing costs that come with setting up for a three-day show in an exhibition centre. We can offer you four, three-day live expos throughout the year compared to one physical annual expo which incurs extra costs per person. Email the team for pricing: info@voxpoevents.com

Yes — when a visitor to your virtual space has shown a significant interest in your businesses, you will be able to receive their details so that you can follow up with them after the live event closes. This data will come from us and will be bespoke per exhibitor. For more information on how and why we do this, click here to read our privacy policy.

Visitors can purchase products, watch videos, presentations, download catalogues, brochures, COAs and technical specifications as well as read reviews and request further information plus much more over 365 days. During the four, three-day live events scattered throughout the year, we recommend you have at least one active member of your team online from 10am - 6pm BST to monitor the live chat facility and connectivity to your social media, to get the most from your experience.

Yes — on live days you will be able to see questions from visitors and respond to them in real time. You may engage in conversations via telephone, messaging, or video conferencing.

Yes — education is one of the key factors taken into account by us. Research into the best speakers, expert education partners and video content contributors are at the forefront of our minds when organising the exhibitions.

Yes — you can access the platform from anywhere while on the go, as long as you have a good internet connection.

Yes – while we are based in England, there is no time zone that VOXPO can’t be accessed from. Many of our exhibitors are international brands, and we have a significant number confirmed from Europe and the US. The live events that take place for each exhibition will have operating hours between 10am and 6pm BST. But you can login and enjoy the experience at any time, from anywhere!

We take your data protection seriously. For information on how we, the organisers, process data, click here to read our privacy policy. For terms of use for this site, click here.

VOXPO is a virtual online expo platform co-organised by both The Cannavist and Vapouround magazines. These publications are owned and run by Orange Fox Media Ltd, a UK-based company.